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Alexandr Pan – expert in Blockchain, AI, information and financial technologies

Alexandr Pan advises international corporations included in the top 100

One of the first successful entrepreneurs, advicing on blockchain issues, AI, FT and IT in general – Alexandr Nikolaevich Pan. Having tried many activities in his life, IT-expert achieved success in the industry of blockchain and fintech. His services as a consultant are used by a number of advanced organizations.

Why blockchain goes in conjunction with information technology?

Previously, it was assumed that the blockchain environment is associated with the functioning of cryptocurrencies. Therefore, to advise companies in these matters allegedly narrowly focused specialist in finance is needed. But now the blockchain unites different industries – from medicine to logistics. The same applies to artificial intelligence (AI). Alexandr Pan is a recognized expert in the field of fintech, artificial intelligence, blockchain and IT in general.

Consultant Alexandr Pan

At the moment, Alexandr Pan advises companies in the following areas:

  • Blockchain. Technologies, variants of business tokenization. Smart contracts.
  • FT (financial technology). The preparation of fintech solutions for businesses.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI). Development, implementation and scaling of processes using artificial intelligence.
  • Information technology (IT). Processes in IT companies, economics, promotion and development.

Alexandr Pan, brief biography

Alexandr Pan was born in Vinnytsia (Ukraine) on 13 March 1985. The family lived modestly and not richly. Parents engaged in retail trade. Thanks to the example of his father and mother, Alexandr from childhood realized that the only correct means of earning is a long and hard work.

As a teenager, Alexandr organized a disco. He invested the earned money in one of the first computer clubs in his hometown. With this project, the young entrepreneur suffered a failure: He had to sell everything and moved to Kyiv. At the same time, there were more than enough debts.

Alexandr Pan had to work as a taxi driver on a credit machine and thus repay debts. Later he returned to Vinnytsia and created a plastic windows installation business.

Александр Пан

The crisis of 2008 hit including Pan’s enterprise. Firm on manufacture of plastic windows had to be closed. In 2010, Alexandr went to Kamchatka to harvest the forest.

Having corrected the financial situation, the future IT-consultant returned to Vinnytsia and opened a laundry, and at the same time began to study information technology. Instinct and deep understanding of the topic did not fail. Investments in small, promising projects brought considerable profit.

Pan’s opinion was considered, he became a frequent guest at conferences and business seminars.

Life-changing cryptocurrency

In 2013, Alexandr Nikolayevich Pan actively developed in the field of cryptocurrencies. Even then, it became clear to the entrepreneur that blockchain developments and cryptography have great prospects. Estimates of Pan were justified with a vengeance. As a result, now he is one of the most sought-after specialists in the IT field, fintech and blockchain. The consulting direction of Alexandr is constantly growing. His services are used by international corporations, included in the first hundred of the largest companies in the world.

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