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Google launched two applications for the deaf

Two new applications for the deaf and hearing impaired by Google

People with hearing problems are often thrown to the side of the high-tech world. They are deprived of the opportunity to use most of the benefits that the Internet and media have brought to our lives. This problem is often silent, but large concerns sometimes draw attention to such segments of the population. So, Google recently released 2 applications for the deaf. Programs are available on Android and should assist people with hearing problems. According to recent reports of the World Health Organization, there are now 466 million such people worldwide, or 5% of the total population of the Earth. According to forecasts, in 30 years there will be two times quieter for various reasons, in Kayaya environmental changes.

New applications for the deaf

1.Live Transcribe

This application turns conversations into text and displays on the smartphone screen. what

Notably, 70 languages ​​are already supported, in Key Russian and Ukrainian. For the convenience of transcribing, the developers made a small blue circle in the corner of the screen, which is used to determine external noise – if it pulses strongly, the application may poorly disassemble the conversation, and it is better to push the phone to the speaker. In addition, you can quickly call the keyboard and reply to the interlocutor with text. The “zest” of the application is that if, after a long pause, someone speaks again, and the phone will vibrate so that the owner will notice.

Google noted that the application was developed in conjunction with the University of Gallaudet, a private educational institution where students with hearing problems enroll.

The only “minus” of the program is the need to connect to the Internet, as it is based on cloud services for speech recognition. However, conversations are not stored, so you can be sure of confidentiality.

2.Sound Amplifier

This is an internal program for adjusting sounds, which allows you to distinguish clearly between people with hearing problems. This utility was in the announcement at I / O developers conference in the spring of 2018, but the company was slightly delayed in the implementation.

After installation, the app for the deaf falls into the section “Special features” and is an equalizer where you can move the sliders. Sound Amplifier works with headset and speakerphone. In addition, Google has promised to open the API of this application to other developers so that they can incorporate the utility into their solutions.

Unfortunately, while Google programs are available only to a limited number of users. So, Sound Amplifier can now be downloaded on Google Play, but due to some limitations the program is available only on devices with Android 9 Pie version. Live Transcribe is still in beta, you can get to the list of testers at the following link:

Despite the existing restrictions, both applications will appear on Google Pixel 3 smartphones as pre-installed programs. Thus, the IT giant hopes to expand its audience and provide convenient tools for people who for some reason have problems with hearing.

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