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Arkady Volozh and Ilya Segalovich – creators of the largest Russian search engine Yandex

Yandex portal and its creators: Arkady Volozh and Ilya Segalovich

The Russians Arkady Volozh and Ilya Segalovich launched the Yandex system on September 23, 1997. For comparison, the official registration date of Google Inc. – 09/07/1998, that is, a year later. The name of the search engine can be translated as “another indexer”. There are other versions of the origin of the name of the portal.

For example, well-known designer Artemy Lebedev often recalled that he proposed to translate the first letter “I” in the word “Index” into Russian. So it turned out “Yandex”.

In any case, the brainchild of Volozh and Segalovich at the start differed from the competitors (Yahoo!, AltaVista, Rambler and Aport) with a number of advantages. In particular, the system checked the content for uniqueness, understating clones and copies in the output. Now few people remember, but Yandex was one of the first to implement the question-answer function on the portal.

Many believe that Yandex was a kind of “clone of Google.” Far from it. Despite the similarity of services, search engines use different ranking algorithms Sites. Consequently, the results of issuing two portals vary. Specialists in search engine optimization usually take into account the requirements of both “Yandex” and Google. A curious detail: at one time, Yandex entered the Chinese market, where it confidently regains a niche from the main portal of the Middle Kingdom, Baidu. In 2015, the payment system “Yandex Money” also appeared in China, as well as the company’s office.

Arkady Volozh and three servers for Runet

Arkady was born in Kazakhstan in the family of a developer of oil fields. He graduated from the Republican Physics and Mathematics School (Almaty). Friends note that the initially talented young man was aiming to study at Moscow State University. But in fact he entered the Institute of Oil and Gas. In 1997, purchased a server database worth 10 thousand dollars. That was enough to index the entire then Runet. Thus was born the “Yandex”, constantly turned around with new services. In particular, there was a convenient mail, as well as checking the texts for uniqueness. Since 2000, Arkady Volozh is the general director of Yandex. In addition to the Russian, has a passport of the Republic of Malta.

Ilya Segalovich: programming and charity

But not only Arkady Volozh’s parents were involved in mining in Kazakhstan. Ilya Segalovich’s father discovered large deposits of chromites in Kazakhstan.

Ilya, like his future business partner, graduated from the Republican Physics and Mathematics School (Almaty city). It was there that met the future revolutionaries of the Russian-language Internet. After graduating from school, Ilya entered the Moscow Geological Prospecting Institute, but did not break the connection with his friend Arkady Volozhym.

The joint work of the two founding fathers of the largest Russian search engine dated back to 1991.

Work on “Yandex” brought Ilya Valentinovich wealth, which he and his wife spent on charity. In particular, he founded the organization “Children of Mary”, as well as the foundation “Dynasty”, which was engaged in the popularization of science and technology in Russia.

In 2012, Ilya Segalovich was diagnosed with stomach cancer and a brain tumor. In 2013, the founder of the largest Russian search network died in London.

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