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Artificial intelligence in medicine: medicine from neural networks

Artificial intelligence in medicine contributes to the discovery of new drugs

Once every 2 years, researchers from all over the world gather at a scientific conference, whose main task is to solve the problem of protein folding. They need to predict the three-dimensional shape of these substances in the body. However, there is no complete solution. Even the winners do not offer ready-made solutions. At the same time, there was a hope that to achieve success in this regard will succeed.

Artificial intelligence in medicine will be able to find the key to the clue.

How does artificial intelligence in medicine help in the discovery of drugs?

The famous biologist Mohammed Al-Kiraishi arrived in Mexico to participate in the discussion of the results of the last conference. However, the specialist was shocked when he learned that Google’s DeepMind artificial intelligence had achieved the best results. Al-Kiraishi said that this information greatly disappointed him.

DeepMind is a division of Google that specializes in medical products.

The use of artificial intelligence allows you to speed up this process. Derek Lowe, the author of the blog In the Pipeline, said that the computer would not be able to replace chemists. However, experts, together with robots, oust those who do not use AI from the market.

Al-Kiraishi noted that the victory of artificial intelligence and the subsequent disappointment helped him to take a different look at the importance of technological progress. However, in his own blog, the researcher criticized the pharmaceutical giants and science, which gave the car such a huge head start. He noted that talented specialists studying human squirrels would want to work in DeepMind, and not in competing companies.

Representatives of one of the leading manufacturers of drugs in the world of Merck are not so categorical. Juan Alvarez, vice president of the computing division of the pharmaceutical giant, said that machine learning in the company has already been implemented. But it is used not for protein decryption, but for other aspects of the production of medical drugs.

During the conference, the DeepMind product showed impressive results. The accuracy of predictions of further protein behavior was 2 times higher than that of a person who finished second. Thus, AI clearly demonstrated that the further success of the development of pharmaceuticals directly depends on the level of integration of the machines and people who control them.

However, Google is the IT giant of global scale. The company has computing facilities of a level that no pharmaceutical company can achieve, let alone universities. However, with the development of cloud computing technology, everyone has the opportunity to create the own programs based on machine learning. By the way, this possibility offers and actually google. Another thing is that not all organizations pay due attention to this. And Al-Karaishi in his blog urged the world scientific community to pay more attention to AI.

However, above all, startups work with machine learning. For example, AI became the basis for the development of Atomwise and Recursion. Both companies are engaged in the creation of artificial intelligence, which would help to make new discoveries in medicine and pharmaceuticals. For example, Recursion explores the capabilities of robots to analyze cell images, and models the effect of new drugs on them.

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