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Billionaire Bill Gates: brief biography

Billionaire Bill Gates is a philanthropist and founder of Microsoft

William Henry Gates was born in Seattle, Washington, on 28 October 1955. According to recent estimates, Gates is one of the most influential businessmen in the world, and his fortune is equivalent to the GDP of several African countries. His father was a well-known lawyer and his mother was a Director of a large Bank. The family lived in prosperity, but, remembering the problems of the great depression, they encouraged work of their children.  

Gates entered a private school at the age of 13. It was here that Bill first began acquaintance with computers. He enjoyed their process and soon established his first company, Computer Center Corporation.

In 1973, Bill was enrolled at Harvard, where he chose mathematics and computer science as additional courses. However, he was more interested in his own coding, and soon, because of a greater interest in computers than in studying, Gates was expelled from Harvard.

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Billionaire Bill Gates, as head of the organization

Microsoft Corporation was founded in 1976. In 1980, IBM awarded the company a contract to develop an OS for new computers. In the early 1980s, IBM was a leading PC manufacturer. And as a result of this collaboration, Microsoft was later able to take a dominant position in the creation of software.

In 1990, Microsoft presented its first version of Windows. It was a revolution in software operation, as the company offered graphical interfaces instead of text ones. Soon their operating system became a bestseller and captured most of the market share of operating systems.

In 1995, the company released Windows 95, setting new standards for operating systems. This version of Windows became the base for all future releases: from Windows 2000 to the latest versions of Vista and XP.

Gates has been married to Melinda French since 1992. The couple created Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation together. From 2008 to the present billionaire Bill Gates has been working on his charity Fund. According to the latest data, he donated a total of 28 billion dollars to improve the health of the planet.

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