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Biography of Steve Wozniak: the man created the personal computer

Biography of Steve Wozniak – “another Steve” from Apple, whose contribution to the company’s success was enormous

Simple users of Apple phones and services companies mistakenly believe that in its history exclusively Steve Jobs played the main role. On the one hand, it is hard to argue with this – the co-founder of Apple really did everything so that his company is recognized now as one of the richest and most influential in the world.

But if Jobs was a marketing genius, he had a keen sense of the nature of the product and knew how to present it, then “another Steve,” Steve Wozniak, was a brilliant engineer. In this article, we will briefly describe the biography of Steve Wozniak. It was he who created the Apple I and Apple II – revolutionary computers, without which further development of the industry would hardly be possible.

Biography of Steve Wozniak: the beginning

The professional activity of Steve Wozniak was predetermined in childhood. His father, also a skilled engineer, worked at Lockheed and created systems for targeting missiles. The son often came to his dad to work, played with the details and enthusiastically watched them become part of something new.

Having taken over his love of electronics from his father, at the age of 4 Steve Wozniak received a radio amateur license, and at 8 years he collected the first calculator and won with him a city competition among tech workers.

Among the boards, diodes and resistors, Wozniak spent all his free time. Because of this, almost nothing happened in his personal life, but his passion for soldering and assembling devices in the future turned into a matter of his whole life.

Steve Wozniak entered the University of Colorado without any problems, but he did not study there for long; he did not have enough money to pay for education. Fortunately, during his stay there, he managed to meet Steve Jobs. Two guys crazy for computers and electronics quickly found a common language and began to invent devices together.

Their first success – the so-called “blue boxes”. This device could crack phone networks, thus allowing free calls to anywhere in the world. Steve Jobs quickly estimated the commercial potential of the boxes, whose cost price was $ 40, and sold them for $ 150. Unfortunately, the handicraft production and sales of gadgets had to be closed after the thief took one of the boxes from his friends at gunpoint.

Establishment of the company and appearance of Apple II

After that, Wozniak moved from the release of illegal gadgets to the creation of Apple I. At that time (the 70s of the 20th century), it was a breakthrough device. The computer had a display, data storage and the ability to execute various commands.

Jobs’ entrepreneurial spirit played a role here. He decided to start a serious production of Apple I and suggested Wozniak to start a company. After selling all his valuable and unnecessary things and having received, thus, the first capital, two friends then founded a company, which was then also called Apple Computer.

Apple I certainly was an important invention. But Wozniak also understood that the computer was only an intermediate success. Apple II, a new device by Steve Wozniak, has revolutionized the market. It became the prototype of the personal computers known today, displayed texts and images, was clear in design and enjoyed wild demand.

The success of Apple II allowed the company to conduct an IPO, which made its founders millionaires. During the following years, when Apple failed due to poor sales of Apple III and Apple Lisa, the profits from Wozniak’s main invention that made it possible to compensate for the losses and invest in the creation of another breakthrough computer – Macintosh.

But Steve Wozniak no longer participated in its creation. After the crash, which cost him a short-term memory loss, the engineer left the company and engaged in investments in the IT-sphere, teaching his specialty and spending time with his family.

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