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BlackBerry Brand: history of special mobility

Canadian BlackBerry Brand: When You Go Your Way

Of course, Research In Motion (now – BlackBerry Limited) is far from the industry leaders in terms of financial performance – Samsung and, even more so, Apple. The BlackBerry brand has faded away. But, strangely enough, vintage BlackBerry devices still find connoisseurs among consumers from the US and other countries.

Turnover, net income and the number of employees of the organization regularly decline. However, BlackBerry’s smartphones (or, to be more exact, portable computers) at one time brought many innovations to the market of such devices.

Research In Motion was originally a manufacturer of instant messengers. And in 1999 she finished work on the creation of the first mobile phone. The project was implemented quickly and successfully.

In fact, the first BlackBerry mobile phone is a pager with the possibility of radio communication. It was called 957 Proton. Curious detail: to talk to an electronic “brick” with QWERTY-keyboard, you had to connect a wired headset. As you can see, the company has never looked for easy solutions. By the way, QWERTY keys gave impetus to the invention of the brand name – indeed; the laptop was like a blackberry.

2004 was a successful year for the company. She found a unique face for her products. The main feature was a full keyboard. This is important because there were still a few years left before the era of touchscreen phones. Even then, the device had a large color display.

By that time, Research In Motion had found a good use for its powerful server database. BlackBerry devices have conquered the corporate market. The company promoted office solutions, unprecedented compression, and data encryption for those times. Often, on the table of a typical employee of the American corporation of those times lay two gadgets, one of which was a Blackberry worker. It should also be noted that on board all the devices Canadian programmers developed a proprietary operating system.

Barack Obama and the decline of BlackBerry brand

One of the main popularizers of the BlackBerry trademark was US President Barack Obama. During his election campaign (2007-2008), he literally did not part with his beloved smartphone. The media seriously discussed that after taking office, the president would have to abandon personal contact. By law, the first person in the state can use only working gadgets. But Barak found a loophole in the country’s constitution and left himself a smartphone, as well as personal mail.

After 2010, the BlackBerry brand began to fade. The company is used to using only its ideas and developments. And they seem to be over. Thus, the profit was replaced by losses – from year to year. In 2013, the organization had to lay off 4,500 people, which was just over 40% of employees. In 2015, the BlackBerry briefly went into profit. This was due to the rejection of its own operating system (which many consumers have recognized as obsolete).

The smartphone came out on Android OS – BlackBerry Priv.

In October 2016, the CEO of BlackBerry Corporation, John Chan, informed the media that he was discontinuing the release of smartphones. December 31, 2018, the BlackBerry Store has disappeared with a set of basic programs. However, the company has not announced its closure. It is engaged in the production of software, while the shares of the company are still traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

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