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Cloud platform for games: promising business model in the IT industry

Cloud platform for games: the threat of old formats and the future of gamers

Following the streaming listening to music and watching movies, a cloud platform for games may appear. In the future, such development should be expected from the largest digital companies in the world.

Streaming services are changing the market

Now a lot of people have an account in Spotify, Apple Music or Google Music. These platforms for a small fee per month open access to the entire music library of the world.

Similar services exist for movies too. The most popular of them is Netflix which is a large online cinema with many shows, movies and TV shows. In the CIS, similar services are provided by MEGOGO.

The fact that streaming platforms replace other formats confirms statistics. According to it, in 2017, revenue from streaming music venues was higher than sales on physical media. Netflix, in turn, in the United States alone has a 40% share of Internet traffic during peak periods.

The convenience of these content consumption services is obvious. Instead of buying CDs, tapes or vinyl, you can simply subscribe via phone, tablet or computer.

It is logical that after conquering the film market and the music environment, streaming is preparing to capture the computer games industry.

Cloud platform for games: what is its potential benefit

First of all, the important role is played by the financial side. Gamers will not let to lie: assembling a specialized gaming computer can cost at least $ 1000. However, new games require more advanced software, and therefore you need to update the car at least every 3 years.

Also inconvenient is the issue of accessibility platforms. For example, some games are released only for the Xbox, excluding the computer version.

The cloud will save the user from significant expenses and give the opportunity to play at everything and everywhere. Because using this service a phone, tablet or other gadget will be only a repeater of the picture. For all operational processes, a powerful streaming server is responsible.

Large corporations can enter the gaming market

The potential of the gaming streaming industry is becoming increasingly apparent. Not least due to the development of the Internet.

The first attempts to create a cloud platform for games failed precisely because of general technical backwardness and poor service speed. Nowadays, this is no longer a problem.

It is not surprising that among the possible creators of the streaming gaming tool are the giants of the digital environment: Microsoft, Google and Amazon.

Bill Gates Company has long owned its own Xbox prefix and many data centers around the world. Also in 2019, Microsoft plans to launch XCloud, a development that will stream Xbox One games to computers and mobile devices.

Amazon, in turn, has the world’s largest cloud service AWS and the most popular gaming video portal Twitch. So, if desired, the Jeff Bezos’s corporation should easily enter a new market for itself.

Universal cloud platform for games and its appearance is a matter of time. Indeed, according to experts, in 2025, streaming as a phenomenon will take up three-quarters of the market and reach a turnover of $ 200 billion.

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