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Amazon Web Services cloud web service transforms the Internet

Amazon cloud web service is a bold development of the industry giant

For 24 years on the market Amazon has become the world’s largest company for the turnover of goods and services sold on the Internet. Now it is the second Corporation after Apple in terms of stock market value.

In addition to retail, Amazon is known for Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform. Cloud web service provides rental servers, storage areas, a set of computing power and other services.

In 2018, the development celebrated 12 years of existence, and one of its creators, and now AWS CEO Andy Jesse told how Amazon Web Services was born

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The beginning of Amazon Web Services

For the first time the company thought about creating such a service back in 2000. The impetus was the problems with the development of Amazon projects. Americans hired teams of developers, but the tasks were not performed on time due to difficulties with data storage and calculations. Then Andy Jesse realized that the company needs a service that will facilitate the work of developers.

One summer evening in 2003, the future CEO of Amazon Web Services and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos met at his home. Businessmen discussed business, analyzed the positive and problematic aspects of the Corporation. As a result, the partners saw that during the work the company got the hand in the management and scaling of data centers that provide retail trade in goods. On the other hand, there were difficulties in the work of programmers. The decision to create the infrastructure of cloud web services platforms came by itself.

The process of AWS developing

Amazon saw a financial perspective in the new service. Management suggested that if AWS could optimize their company’s performance, other market players would be interested in it.

“What is the reason to write a program if you can connect to it? We created AWS to ourselves, and then began to offer it to external customers”

It took 3 years to develop the technology, during which Jesse and his team doubted its success. However, employees did not forget Amazon principle when discussing initiatives: not to get attached to the metrics of the project, and think about whether it will be a breakthrough. Andy Jesse believed that if such a service has a request among the developers of his company, then it is necessary to the market.

Cloud web service now

The final version of Amazon Web Services was presented in 2006. Now the platform contains more than 50 software services. They help both start-ups and sustainable companies to solve IT problems quickly. Thus, businessmen can focus on the main elements of their business.

The cloud web service has 57 availability zones in 19 regions around the world. In the future, it is planned to plant technology in Bahrain, Cape town and Hong Kong. AWS customers include large enterprises in a variety of industries: Spotify, Airbnb, Shazam, Unilever, Ubisoft, Johnson & Johnson. In total, more than a million companies use Amazon Web Services.

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