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Google watches will appear soon

Vacancies for Google smartwatches

Google’s first Pixel watch can be a reality this year. It seems that the world-famous corporation is working on a new wearable device. By the way, the first hints about the future creation of a new gadget appeared even when the company acquired the secret SmartWatch technology from Fossil. However, now the guesses were supported by the fact that the list of vacancies in the equipment division indicates that the company can really be close to its SmartWatch dream.

Last year, experts were convinced that Google is not going to release its smart watches in the near future. Now, however, hopes have reappeared, as new job listings published by Google indicate that the company is looking for a vice president of hardware and a wearable device development manager.

The job announcement gave analysts a hint that the company may be in the process of developing its own new wearable product. At least for this reason, the tech giant is looking for candidates to work in its wearable device department.

Requirements from a candidate that will develop Google smartwatches  

In the job description, Google representatives wrote that, as Vice President of Wearable Hardware, the employee would have to work with Google’s top hardware management team. He will also be responsible for designing, developing and delivering all of Google’s wearable products. In addition, his responsibilities include leadership and ensuring the effectiveness of a large engineering organization located in Mountain View to develop several next-generation wearable products at the same time.

In addition, the company also mentioned that they require the candidate to improve the mechanical and electrical design of the entire range of wearable devices. Another vacancy, which may concern the development of a new product, is called the Wearable Product Design Manager. But with full confidence, it’s impossible to talk about what the employee will be obliged to do, because its description is more vague. In particular, the manager “will focus on determining what it means to “keep Google in your hands.”

It is worth mentioning here that Google recently bought Smartwatch Technology from Fossil for $ 40 million. Experts believe that the giant has made such a purchase in order to expand its horizons in the field of wearable devices. Now there are new vacancy announcements from Google, which convincingly show that the company is working on creating its own fitness tracker or smart watch.

Now, Google owns Pixel Buds in its category of wearable products, and now, given the latest news, it is likely that the company may soon introduce a second wearable product. Despite the fact that it is too early to predict, the upcoming wearable can be the Google Pixel watch, which is expected to be running Android Wear or Wear OS.

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