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The history of Uber is a daring, scandalous and important startup of modernity

The history of Uber is one of the most famous startups of the 21st century

Every day there are new startups, including taxi services. Only the story of Uber – the story of success, scandals and a new era in business models – will remain forever in business textbooks. Today, Uber is the most expensive startup in the world, and at the same time it does not produce any devices on its own, but only acts as an intermediary between the two parties. How did a startup manage to achieve such recognition and fame?

The history of Uber – how it all began?

Both startup co-founders were relatively well known in the startup community, at the time of the start of Uber, everyone already had a couple of projects in the portfolio.

Garrett Camp before Uber was involved in a project that helped find relevant data on the Internet. The company was sold to Ebay for $ 75 million, but the guys decided to create a taxi service, Camp bought his last startup back, so his comrade, Travis Kalanik, was in charge of all the main tasks and management at Uber. Kalanika was considered a born seller since childhood. Already at a young age, he sold his startup for $ 19 million.

In 2008, two friends waited for a taxi in Paris for a very long time – and thought about creating a service that would help both the city residents and tourists to quickly find a free car for themselves. So began the story of Uber. After a while, businessman Oscar Salazar joined Kalanik and Camp. In 2009, the company was registered as UberCab, but in 2010, the co-founders decided to leave only Uber. To test the program, millionaire entrepreneurs themselves registered as taxi drivers.

Interestingly, none of the co-founders of the company risked their own money. From the very beginning, Uber actively accepted investments from large entrepreneurs and venture funds. After a while, it was decided to stop the mindless investment, Camp and Kalanik came to grips with the management. They decided to accept funding in several rounds, identifying each on their own. Thanks to the billions of dollars poured into the project, he literally conquered the whole world in just a few years.

However, the story of Uber is not only about success, but also about scandals and protests. So, many people still oppose the project, primarily those who previously worked in traditional taxis. The drivers themselves were able to prescribe the cost of the trip, their own rules, and not to bring unwanted passengers. In addition, the Uber business model implies that in order to register as a driver in an application, you do not need to be a licensed taxi driver – anyone can give another person a lift in the evening and make some money.

It turns out that Uber selects work from taxi drivers, and in some countries, in order to obtain a license; it is necessary to pay considerable sums in cash. Therefore, in many countries began to flare up protests against Uber. Most often, they were solved by the fact that Kalanik paid fines for the lack of a license from the Uber driver and peacefully negotiated with the company that sued the startup. In India, Uber was banned because of a driver’s attack on a girl; in Italy, a start-up was banned across Italy by several taxi stations.

Also, the service does not work in China, the Netherlands, Spain, in some cities of Australia and the USA, there are trials in France and Germany. But despite all these problems, the startup remains the most expensive, one of the most profitable and with the greatest hopes for the future.

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