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History of Yahoo is one of the largest Internet resources in the world

History of Yahoo – ups and downs of the Internet giant

Yahoo is the largest IT Company that owned the second most popular search engine in the world and a whole range of services on the Yahoo! Directory, including the Yahoo! Mail client. In June 2017, Verizon Communications bought the corporation, and the story of Yahoo as an independent IT giant ended there.

History of Yahoo: how it all began

In 1994, two Stanford students, Jerry Yang and David Failo, conceived to create a single directory with all the pages on the world wide web. This was the very beginning of the Internet, and no one has ever done this, although the idea lay on the surface. The finished catalog of the guys called Jerry and David´s Guide to the World Wide Web. Their brainchild was surprisingly popular; attendance grew by leaps and bounds. The students realized that they had gone the right way and decided to make their small business official by registering Yahoo !. It is noteworthy that the exclamation mark at the end of the company name was not accidentally in its place – at the time of registering the company, it turned out that the name was already taken. But the students did not want to give up the invented name, so they decided to just add an exclamation mark at the end. Already in March 1995, a small business turned into a corporation Yahoo!.

In the late 90s, search engines enjoyed unprecedented demand and experienced a period of explosive growth. To keep visitors on the web pages longer additional services and services were offered. For this in 1997, Yahoo! I bought RocketMail – at that time, it was one of the few free email services.

Thus began the existence of its own mail Yahoo! Mail, which is popular now. The company also bought the service, on the basis of which it created its entertainment services, which allow “to kill time” due to communication in groups and simple browser games. In 1999, Yahoo! own messenger was offered. Messenger.

Yahoo! proved to be one of the few IT giants who managed to survive after the end of the dot-com era. In 2001, the company’s stock fell to its minimum, but Yahoo! could stay afloat, turning its attention to the telecommunications market. In 2002, she launched a dialup service in the Americas with the communication Corporation Southwestern Bell, and in 2005, together with Verizon, introduced a DSL service.

В 2005-2006 годах появились развлекательные Yahoo! Music, Yahoo! 360°, Flickr. The company also bought several social services.

In 2013, there was a serious leak of user data from the Yahoo! databases. This greatly shaken the position of the corporation, which was taken advantage by the telecommunications company Verizon and bought out Yahoo for 4.48 billion US dollars. The parties have long been negotiating, but a blow to the reputation of the IT giant turned everything in favor of Verizon and allowed to reduce the amount of the transaction. From June 13, 2017, Yahoo!, together with AOL, is part of Oath Inc. Now is beta testing Yahoo! Next – services that should be a new basis for Yahoo technologies!

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