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IBM platform for development blockchain has been launched

IBM cloud platform for blockchain applications has been launched in Melbourne

Despite the fact that public interest in blockchain for 2018 has decreased, large companies continue to work on its development. Last year, several interesting new products were released in the financial, logistics and manufacturing sectors. Apparently, the trend will continue in 2019. The first sign was the IBM cloud-based platform. Clients of the company can develop and run Blockchain applications directly in the cloud of the IT giant.

How does the new IBM platform work?

IBM launched the main Blockchain network from its Australian data center located in Melbourne. To create it, Hyperledger technology was used – it is a service that should improve the interaction of units.

Soon IBM will open several more data centers. Representative offices will start in Tokyo, Sydney, Dallas, Toronto and London. Rupert Colchester, head of the company’s division for the Pacific region, noted that the new department in the region would make the distributed registry more accessible and ensure reliable backup of information.

According to Colchester, IBM’s Sydney division will provide strong protection for regulated applications in Australian government and financial institutions.

First, this can be achieved due to the lack of the need to send user information to foreign data centers, which makes it theoretically possible to intercept data. The specialist noted that users developing services on blockchain have already reached the maturity of their projects. Therefore, it is extremely important to keep all information about them directly in Australia.

Colchester stressed that in the Pacific region, the distributed registry is used increasingly actively. And it is integrated into various spheres of industry and production. However, according to the head of IBM in Australia and New Zealand, educational sessions are required in order to convey fully the full benefits of technology to users.

IBM pays great attention to the development of Blockchain. In particular, on January 31, 2019, the IT giant conducted an operation to deliver 108,000 citrus fruits from the PRC to Singapore, using a service on a distributed registry. Commenting on the results, the experts noted that in this way they managed to significantly reduce delivery costs and save time on processing all the necessary documentation.

In February, IBM experts announced the launch of the platform for the Internet of things, based on blockchain. Thus, the company intends to help California overcome anomalous drought. The IT giant, in collaboration with the University of Colorado, has developed a platform that will allow managing groundwater use.

The Australian unit of IBM in Melbourne also attracts major partners. In particular, the local real estate operator Vicinity, with the help of consultants from the IT giant, has developed a special service that allows you to manage power grids. Partners of IBM and Vinicity were the professionals from Power Ledger. Innovative service is aimed at a more efficient use of energy obtained through solar storage. In total, Vinicity invested $ 75 million in this program. The studies were conducted in the Castle Plaza shopping center in the city of Adelaide and showed good results.

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