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Jack Dorsey – Twitter creator

Jack Dorsey: Success Story

Jack Dorsey is an American entrepreneur and businessman known for the development of Twitter, as well as the creator and CEO of Square.

Dorsey was born on November 19, 1976 in Fairmont, Illinois. He attended Bishop Duburg Catholic High School and entered the University of Missouri Science and Technology. However, he later transferred to New York University, where for the first time he had the idea of ​​creating Twitter. At 15, he wrote dispatching software, which is still used by many taxi companies. His other ideas included key pharmaceutical services, delivery services, and the development of a common network of medical devices.

In July 2000, Dorsey came up with the idea of ​​creating a web service to check user status in real time or exchange short messages. LiveJournal and possibly AOL Messenger inspired him. And two weeks later, he came up with a prototype of Twitter. Twitter Inc., originally called twttr, was founded in 2006. Currently, this site is one of the most widely used social networks around the world. Jack Dorsey was the first person to tweet on Twitter, which said “just tweet your twitter.” Dorsey has been selected as CEO.

Reaction to the brainchild of Jack Dorsey

At first, Twitter was ridiculed as a tool and platform for spending time on selfish people who sought to broadcast every minute of their lives. Soon Twitter became widely popular among celebrities and business people. And it soon became a powerful platform for presidents and politicians, such as Barack Obama and Donald Trump, with which they could keep their supporters informed.

The website reached new heights of success during the presidential elections in Iran in 2009. When the government blocked mobile phone news and foreign news coverage, thousands of Iranian demonstrators tweeted live status updates. By 2010, Twitter had over 105 million users who posted messages nearly 55 million times a day. In addition to Twitter, Jack Dorsey also invested in another social network called Foursquare.

In addition, in May 2010 he founded Square, which is a business platform where you can accept debit and credit card payments. According to the magazine Business Insider, in September 2012 the company was worth 3.2 billion dollars.

Jack Dorsey proved his excellence in entrepreneurship with the help of his wise business ventures. As of March 2013, his net worth is 1.1 billion dollars. Despite the fact that Twitter has already brought huge changes in the way people communicate, Dorsey says that this is not the end.

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