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How do modern information technologies help entrepreneurs to simplify work: the experience of Russia?

Session in Primorye: how modern information technologies help to establish a business climate

Modern information technology helps today at every stage of business. At the beginning of February in Primorye there was a meeting of entrepreneurs on the topic “Construction and connection to engineering networks. The Deputy Director of the Investment Agency, which is engaged in improving the business climate in the region, noted that the specific problems of investment programs are discussed and solved at meetings of the special council, which the governor himself follows closely. In addition, with different departments of the regional administration, working groups are active, where entrepreneurs and analysts can offer their own vision of solving business issues. Finished proposals are introduced gradually, their implementation is considered mandatory. In particular, in 2018 69 such meetings were held. As a result, many bureaucratic processes were reduced greatly, and the business in Primorye was able to breathe almost full breasts.

Modern information technologies help Primorye

One of the main breakthroughs of the last year in Primorye can be considered with certainty a reduction in the terms of connection to engineering systems. At the very end of last year, thanks to the efforts of as many as four departments, the regional law “On Urban Planning” was amended – now you do not need to get building permits for laying utilities.

Thus, according to the deputy head of the Investment Agency, the timing of issuing permits for the business as a whole will be reduced by four hundred days. In addition, the registration period for a new legal entity or a private entrepreneur has decreased from 5 to 3 business days. Entrepreneurs can use e-services on “”, where verification of all counterparties is available; extracts also can be obtained. The services of Sberbank can also be used, through which you can register a legal entity and open a checking account in just 3 days.

State expertise in Primorye can be completely electronically processed. It also simplifies the steps necessary to obtain permission to cut down green spaces. In Vladivostok, the very next day after the issuance of a building permit, a “felling ticket” could also be issued to developers.”

It is also important for businessmen that the law was passed last year, according to which taxes for new enterprises in the most relevant sectors are halved. Such a bonus can be used by those legal entities who will use the simplified taxation system and open new processing plants in Primorye, waste utilizers, deal with the elimination of pollution effects, software development, and culture or computer technology.

The Deputy Director of the Investment Agency noted that the past year had passed under the auspices of simplifying business by shortening periods, simplifying regulations and amending laws. Now more actively earn municipalities. The main task of the local leadership is to make it convenient and profitable for businesses to work in Primorsky, create jobs and function for the benefit of the Russian economy. The mood of the local government largely depends on how much the regional budget is replenished at the expense of the region’s entrepreneurs.

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