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Argentinean Transport Ministry introduced bitcoin payment

Payment via bitcoin for transportation in Argentina

One of the main problems of cryptocurrency is insufficient infrastructure for their use as a means of payment. Unfortunately, too few private companies and utilities in the world accept payment through Bitcoin.

However, the possibilities for this are gradually increasing. In particular, a service appeared in Argentina that allows you to pay for travel with the help of BTC. This is the first case in the world.

How to make payment via Bitcoin

According to the Argentine cryptopublic cripto247, in Argentina, the opportunity to pay for travel in transport using Bitcoin. The official launch of the system took place in February 2019. This option is available to all owners of contactless SUBE cards, which are supplemented by digital currency.

The service is available in 37 cities of the country, including in Buenos Aires. In this way, you can pay for travel in buses, trains, subways, as well as river transport. The Ministry of Transport of Argentina supervises the work with the means of payment. This was stated by officials in a press release published on the official website of the ministry.

In order to work with the card, it must be replenished with at least 50 pesos, which is equivalent to 1.3 dollars. The transfer of funds is carried out through the service Alto Viaje. On the official SUBE website, Alto Viaje is featured as an operator, whose services the cardholder can use to replenish the account. In turn, on the startup portal it is reported that SUBE is the only payment tool that works with cryptocurrency, with which the user can pay for the fare.

SUBE balance can be replenished either with Bitcoins or via PayPal. In the near future, the company promises to open the option of crediting funds using Rapipago.

Alto Viaje uses the infrastructure of the Bitex startup, which is actually exchange-based. The company explained this decision by saying that Bitex offers the necessary technology and provides good liquidity. These factors are key to the realization of the idea. The head of Alto Viaje Luciano Verardo stressed that the main goal of the company is to offer innovative services to users.

He also noted that cooperation with Bitex allows us to make services more accessible and convenient for both individuals and corporate clients. In turn, Bitex also stressed the importance of cooperation with Alto Viaje.

The head of the project, Manuel Bodrua, expressed confidence that the interaction of the two companies will help introduce technologies such as blockchain and cryptocurrency into human life.

According to the expert, users will be able to appreciate all the advantages and value of developments based on a distributed registry.

Alto Viaje is not the first major Bitex partner. A start-up startup has signed a cooperation agreement with the Argentine bank Masventas. The idea of ​​working together defended the creation of a platform for cross-border remittances. The basis for the project was blockchain, developed by Bitex. In May 2018, Masventas experts reported on the first tests performed. According to them, the platform has shown excellent results.

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