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The new role of artificial intelligence: chairs designer and furniture assembler.

The role of artificial intelligence becomes more noticeable

Over the past year, we have become accustomed to the news, which spoke about the next successful application of artificial intelligence. In particular, recently it became known that the neural network has learned to write scripts for commercials. The first video under AI script was shot for Lexus company.

Now the news came from the field of furniture design. The role of artificial intelligence in this segment is to help people discover new forms and create unique models. Designers Philipp Schmitt and Stephen Weiss have achieved success in this. The trained neural network has developed many options for the design of chairs, which were then modified by them and transferred to production.

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How designers use artificial intelligence to their advantage

Within the framework of chAIr project, Philipp and Stephen decided to find out whether the neural network would be able to develop a chair design that would not be inferior to the creation of human. For 7 months, designers have developed their own version of artificial intelligence, and then began to train it. In total, the neural network analyzed 562 models of chairs of XX century. Then that part of it that was engaged in the study of the material, created its own versions of furniture as an image. The second element of the neural network determined the similarity of images to real chairs.

As a result, the “student” drew more than a hundred samples, most of which belonged to abstract design. And, according to Schmitt, this is great, because the human imagination can develop the resulting sketch, add details to it and get a real version of the chair.

Actually, this was done by designers friends. They selected the most interesting ideas of the neural network and transferred them to 3D-format taking into account real materials. As a result, Schmitt and Weiss got four prototypes of chairs.

Looking at them, we can say that the furniture designer of artificial intelligence is not the best. In some chairs there are no backs, there are extra handles, their shape is strange and does not contribute to a comfortable seat. Most of them are basically meaningless and do not perform the main function, but look beautiful.

However, Philipp and Stephen got what they wanted from the neural network. They didn’t plan to create an algorithm that would replace a human. Designers expected to understand the boundaries of “thinking” of technology and whether it is able to help them in the creation of furniture. The success of the experiment is confirmed by the fact that full-size prototypes of chairs from artificial intelligence are put into production.

The role of artificial intelligence in assemblage of furniture 

If the neural network furniture designer still needs to learn, then it can already assemble it. This is reported by Singaporean scientists who managed to program AI to assemble a chair from IKEA. The algorithm identified all the details of the chair, planned coordination and strength of movements, so as not to break the product. As a result, a robot with integrated artificial intelligence assembled a chair in 20 minutes.

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