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Sergey Brin and Larry Page – histories of the founders of the main search engine of the world

How Google was created: Sergey Brin and Larry Page

The American corporation Google was born, like Microsoft with Apple, in the garage. Or rather

– in the student dormitory room. At the root of the revolutionary search engine were two geniuses of information technology: Sergey Brin and Larry Page.

Now Google Corporation covers many areas of the economy. For example, IT innovators have completely changed the online advertising market by introducing Adsense contextual ad units. The undeniable merit of Google is the creation of Android, a popular operating system for smartphones. The corporation managed to shake Microsoft’s position not only in the OS industry, but also in the text editors segment. Increasingly, users are abandoning the Microsoft Office suite of applications and prefer a similar product from Google. But, of course, for a long time, the main competitive advantage of the corporation was (and still is) a search engine that does not know its analogues.

Sergey Brin: a scientist from Moscow

Sergey Mikhailovich Brin was born in 1973 in the USSR capital Moscow, in a family of scientists. When the future Google cofounder was less than 6 years old, my parents moved to the USA. Thanks to his mother and father, Brin received an excellent mathematical education from an early age. Especially proved to be strong in computer science and logical problems.

Sergey Mikhailovich Brin became an early holder of a bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland. He continued his studies at Stanford, where he became a master and defended his thesis. There he met with the future key business partner, the author of brilliant ideas in the IT industry, Larry Page.

Larry Page is an information search revolutionary

Lawrence (Larry) Paige received a bachelor’s degree in computer science. After that, he entered the fateful Stanford for him. It was there that the young scientist began working with Sergey Brin. Page and Brin carried out joint research for the university. One of them was called “System of hypertext search on the Internet”.

Lawrence – the inventor of PageRank. This numeric value denotes the “weight” or “importance” of a page on the World Wide Web. The more links to a page from reputable sources, the higher it will be shown in the search results. This digital variable was born in 1998, when Page and Brin invented BackRub – a search engine for scientific materials, in Kaiaya theses and dissertations.

By the way, in the university years, Page collected a printer model from a children’s designer. And computers interested the future scientist when he was only 6 years old.

The first serious investment in “Google Inc” managed to attract Sergey Brin.

It happened after a meeting with Andy Bechtolshaym – one of the co-founders of Sun Microsystems. Brin spoke about the new search algorithm. Andy, without thinking twice, decided to enter the share and wrote out a check for 100 thousand dollars personally addressed to Sergey Brin, since there was no question of any legal entity. After this fateful moment, Brin and Page have only to officially register the company: Google Incorporated.

Thus, the official birthday of the company, September 7, 1998, is the date Google was founded. Bryn and Page currently have Alphabet Inc., which includes Google and a number of related businesses. Both founders are in the top twenty richest people according to Forbes magazine.

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