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Steve Ballmer is an ambiguous hero of the IT industry

Steve Ballmer is the most controversial IT entrepreneur.

Steve Ballmer is a very controversial hero whose story is connected with genius and ambition. A young man from a very poor family was able to get into the Stanford business school, and despite this seemingly success for a man of his level, he left school and, together with Bill Gates, his friend, started producing computers, which was then considered a very weak, chaotic industry. And, nevertheless, it turned out to be the right decision in the life of Ballmer – he became a billionaire, and his fortune is estimated by Forbes at $ 14.5 billion. This person stands out among other top-tier entrepreneurs, as he made his huge fortune at the expense of salary, while remaining a hired manager.

Biography of Steve Ballmer

The future billionaire was born in 1956 in a poor family in Detroit. His father worked in the concern Ford, and he was from Switzerland. Steve’s mother came from a family of local Belarusian Jew Shlomo Dvorkin, who also dealt with the disassembly and sale of spare parts from old cars.

From an early age, the boy was allocated “intellectual energy”. He always found something to say, enthusiastically solved problems, and was very smart and lively. In 1973, Steve went to Harvard Business School and then went to work at Ford as his father. Ballmer understood that his origin leaves much to be desired, therefore he tried to gain authority, participated in sports events, published in magazines. He received a bachelor’s degree in economics and mathematics with honors. In the same place, in an educational institution, he got acquainted with Bill Gates.

After graduating from Harvard, Stephen worked in Procter & Gamble for a couple of years in the position of assistant manager. Ballmer did not like the company, because none of the other employees was on fire, and for Stephen this is always the number one indicator.

In 1979, Steve Ballmer enrolled at Stanford Business School, but before the courses began, he was actively communicating with Gates. He has already created Microsoft, and after the first course, Ballmer got him to work. At that time, there were 23 people on the staff, a salary of $ 50,000 a year was assigned to Steve, and part of the company’s shares were offered.

Ballmer on the move became an “assistant to the president”, in fact engaged in personnel selection and design, legal issues and accounting. In 1989, Ballmer was credited with almost a million Microsoft shares, and after 4 years, its capital amounted to more than $ 1 billion.

Throughout the time, Ballmer was in charge of various departments of the company, engaged in the first versions of Windows and MS-DOS, despite the fact that he himself did not really understand anything in programming. Since 2000, Steven Ballmer has taken the position of general manager of the IT giant. He managed to rally the whole company, to distract her from hard thoughts in difficult times and to increase the state of the enterprise, not forgetting about himself.

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