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Samsung’s smartest TV

Samsung will release the smartest TV

According to the statement of the head of the business department of Samsung, the new smart TVs will have several built-in platforms of artificial intelligence. This decision was made to provide as many options as possible for customers from around the world.

According to the company, Samsung will work with Google, Amazon and Apple. As a result, the manufacturer will release Smart TV, which features Apple’s unique services: iTunes Movies and TV Shows.

At the annual media event on the new TVs, Samsung’s executive vice president of marketing, Chu Jong Suk, also announced that eventually Google Assistant, Alexa, and their own assistant, Bixby, would be built into the Smart TV devices.

According to his statement, at the current stage, all Smart TV models will be able to work with separate functions of Google Home and Amazon Echo AI. But according to their plans, artificial intelligence will also be embedded in televisions.

Samsung Electronics’s decision to turn to other AI platforms that compete with Bixby was interpreted as recognizing the limitations that the English version of their assistant faces. According to experts, it is significantly inferior to Google Assistant and Alexa.

The smartest TV for Samsung customers

The South Korean TV maker also announced that on all Samsung Smart TV models from spring 2019 there would be a new video streaming service Apple iTunes Movies and TV Shows. As soon as iTunes Movies and TV Shows are available on smart TVs, customers will be able to use their iTunes library. They will also be able to browse the iTunes Store, to buy or rent movies and TV shows, including 4K and HDR tapes.

Chu noted that the cooperation offer came from Samsung, but in his opinion, from the point of view of Apple, Samsung’s sales of 45 million TV sets per year became an attractive offer.

On the question of expanding the partnership with Apple, for example, about including its Siri voice assistant on televisions, the head said that at present such a plan is not considered.

Lee Vaughn Jin, executive vice president in charge of the Samsung display business, said the company is committed to an open partnership that goes beyond the differences in operating systems.

He stressed that the partnership with Apple is an example of such an effort. Lee Vaughn also hopes that Samsung TV owners and iOS device users will enjoy the convenience and richer experience of using technology. The vice president also recalled that the 2019 smart TVs would be compatible with Google, AI Google, Google Home and Amazon Echo.

Eddie Cue, senior vice president, software and services for Apple, said they were looking forward to a chance to introduce their iTunes users to a new way to view their favorite content on the big screen.

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