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The voice of the artificial intelligence soon on all screens

The voice of artificial intelligence in the news and during the advertising pause

The network has already appeared the first advertising, the script of which is completely written by artificial intelligence. A 60-second video called “Driven by Intuition” is a key part of the new Lexus ES campaign. The video was created based on an AI script developed by Lexus in partnership with The&Partnership London and their technical partner Visual Voice. The story was filmed by Oscar-winning Director Kevin MacDonald, on the list of works that “One day in September” and “The Last king of Scotland”.

This is the world’s first collaboration between AI and a well-known automaker. The goal of working together was to test whether people and machines could work together in perfect harmony. The result is an exciting short drama that tells the story of the Creator of Lexus ES, who launches a new car into the world, for technical inspections and subsequent customer service. The highlight of the roller is the automatic emergency braking system, which demonstrates the effectiveness of safety technologies built into the car.

“Lexus ES is an intuitive and innovative car, so we wanted advertising to reflect its features. The result exceeds all our expectations of what AI is capable of”, Lexus Corporation commented.

голос искусственного интеллекта

The voice of artificial intelligence will also report news to China

In response to global news growth, Xinhua television agency introduced a virtual newscaster in November 2018.

Artificial intelligence is one of the methods Xinhua News is working on to provide the public with a “new information experience.” According to the creators, the voice of artificial intelligence is as natural as a professional newscaster.

In addition to the virtual information broadcaster, Xinhua News has developed a platform through which journalists can easily edit and send information to artificial intelligence. In combination, China receives a one-second update of the current news feed.

The latest technology AI-host and platform for real time updates allow Xinhua News employees to focus on exclusive and authoritative sources, while the robot presents uninterrupted updates.

Marcelo Cantelmi, editor-in-chief of Clarin in Argentina, believes that the introduction of artificial intelligence into the news industry will play an important role in the fight against false information.

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