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How weak artificial intelligence is used today

Why does the world prefer weak artificial intelligence?

Every day thousands of companies compete in the arms race for billions of dollars in order to introduce artificial intelligence. No wonder they’re willing to donate that kind of money for modern technology. After all, hearing the abbreviation AI, everyone immediately has associations of intelligent robots that can completely replace a person.

However, experts advise organizations to back off. The development of artificial intelligence is a gradual process and we should not expect much from it in the near future. Most of the technologies are still experiencing difficulties with the tasks with which four-year-old child copes effortlessly.

Current “smart” systems are search engines that search for data based on statistical methods, but still do not understand what they have discovered. The ability to imitate human thinking is that what developers call artificial intelligence – far from being fully developed.

Instead of investing in still imperfect technology, enterprises should pay attention to so-called weak artificial intelligence. It is a form of bots that aims not to replace people but to help them, making this kind of intelligence an affordable alternative to popular technology.

For example, when using this innovation in the mining business, impressive results can be achieved. If the scientist left the company, leaving behind the developments, its replacement may not be required. Instead, weak artificial intelligence will work. When requested by technologists, it will process thousands of information files in one second and put forward several solutions to the problem. The subsequent choice depends entirely on the employee. In fact, the bot performs the function of memory and data analysis, and in conjunction with human logic is known to us, artificial intelligence.

Weak artificial intelligence in the world of finance

Every year the financial structure becomes more complex, making stock predictions less likely. This is due not only to the development of the sphere itself, but also to the amount of information that must be processed by the analyst. That’s why the stock market is a structure where human and machine capabilities are perfectly combined. Artificial intelligence gathers predictions of all analysts and then objectively, without emotions or any bias, assesses the possibilities of the market.

As a result, companies whose traders work in pairs with robots get more effective results of investment research. Thus, scientists are confident that in the near future the number of areas improved through the cooperation of people and bots will only increase.

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